PSCU200 - Usage problems


we are trying to use the PCSU200 for some measurements in our lab but we have a few issues using it.

First, there seems to be an offset for the function generator which depends on the peak-to-peak voltage. Our technician said that there could be a capacitor at the input/output causing this problem. Does anyone know if thIs is the case? If not, do you have any other solution ?

Second, we have a problem using the ‘wave sequence’ doesn’t work for us. We wrote a text file with function, frequence, offset, output voltage and time.
However, the wave sequence does skip the offset such that it takes the offset as output voltage and the output voltage as file name.
So we are currently not able to set an offset which is needed for our measurement.

Lastly, we want to ask if there are any ready Python libraries for the PSCU200 to control it via a code.

Thanks for your help!

I think the easiest solution to remove the residual offset is to use a capacitor in series with the generator output.

I’m sorry, there is no offset adjustment in the PCSU200 generator.
When you open the Wave Sequence window there on the top row are labels:
Function - Freq. - Voltage - Time - File name

Only these parameters can be used.
I’m sorry, there in the help file seems to be a mistake in the description of this option.