Programming VM151 with the K8074


I bought a VM151 and a K8074.
The description said, that I can program the VM151 with the K8074.
Now I cannot see any command in the provided documentation or examples that show how to control the VM151 with the K8074.
Can you please let me know if a demo software exists hat shows the use of the K8074 with the VM151 and let me know what commands I can use when I do my own programming?

Is there any updated library available for the K8074, that also supports the VM151?
My library is from 03.04.2008 and does not contain any commands for the VM151.

Thank you and reagrds,

VM151 software can be downloaded here:

If you hover over the buttons, the tool-tip shows you the string to send to the K8074.

I did not expect such a comprehensive software for the VM151.

Thank you.