Programming PIC16F630

:? I have been trying to program the PIC16F630 without success using two different equipments, the latest of which is the K8048. I wrote the assembler code originally using MPLAB IDE v7.61 and it runs fine using the MPSIM and the Logic Analyser included. I tried using the HEX code produced by MPLAB and then I used my original .asm file in MPASMWIN which comes with the 8048. The result is just the same! The message is he same in both cases. NO PIC ON BOARD (Yes there is) PROGRAMMER NOT SET TO PROGRAM MODE (Yes it is) PIC TYPE MISMATCHED WITH SOFTWARE (No it isn’t). The selected device is correct and the configuration file is correct for my application (Internal Osc, watchdog ON, everything else not selected.

Programming is direct from serial port on my desktop and supply to the 8048 is 15V 1A regulated dc supply.

I have already programmed the PIC16F870 and PIC12F675 without any problems (but not on the 8048). Any solutions or similar problems

Maybe there is just a hardware problem with your K8048 ? These message are normal, the programmer is not intellegent so the software can only control the communication between the serial port and the PIC chip. Test it also on another PC and/or with the included PIC16F627.
If you are using the (old) ProgPIC software be sure that the hex code is in INHX8M format, the new PICprog software can use both format’s.