Programming kit Detailed

Dear Sir,

        Am new to work Micro controller but i have studied in College . And i was interested to learn and work With micro controller .

Please tell me some suggestion to learn Micro controller . And How to program the micro controller , please send me the programming kit Circuit diagram …

Many thanks & Best Regards,
Tamilarasan R

Sorry, we do not offer micro controller training or courses.
We do carry a programmer and experiment board EDU10 for Microchip PIC controllers.

Dear Sir,

         I Have one doubt , for example i completed the program in micro controller and i want to run in field device ..

For example :

             I want to glow a two LED . If inputs is coming Means two different output to glow ..

                   ( this is for my sample program ) 

     In that how i can run and field devices.. ( filed devices all are 24vdc Supply ) . that two outputs to operate 24vdc supply only..

Please help this support …

Many Thanks & Best regards,
Tamilarasan R