Program PIC 18F2550 using ICSP on the K8048 / VM111

I like to program the PIC 18F2550 (28 pins) from Microchip using ICSP on the K8048.

  1. First of all, is this possible?

I found in the datasheet of 18F2550 that:
pin 1 is the vpp pin
pin 8 and 19 are the vss pins (is this gnd?)
pin 20 is the vdd pin
pin 26 is the enable pin (pgm)
pin 27 is the clock pin (pgc)
pin 28 is the data pin (pgd)

  1. Which of these pins do I use and to what pin do they connect on the VM111?
    There are only 5 pins on the VM111 while the 18F2550 provides 6 pins that have to do with ICSP; correct?

  2. Do I need to remove the jumpers?
    JP5&6 are normally used to program on the board itself.

  3. Is there anything else I need to take into account?

Thank you in advance!

This is what I found out already:

VM111 / K0848 --> 18F2550

1 vpp --> 1 vpp
2 vdd --> 20 vdd
3 gnd --> 8, 19 vss
4 data --> 28 data (pgd)
5 clock --> 27 clock (pgc)

Pin 26 of the 18F2550 needs to connect to the ground with a 10k resister to be able to program.

I haven’t been able to test it, so I do not know yet, if the VM111 will work with this PIC.

Please read the kit/module specifications.

PIC18F devices are NOT supported !