Profile vertexnano for Cura MAC OSx

Repetier works only for windows. Even under windows I have problems to find the right parameters for the printer. I can’t print anything. The software detects the printer but cannot communicate. I load a STL file, slice it with the builtin Cura machine and give the print command. Nothing happens. Saving to a SD-card: while loading into the vertex the print will start but not what you expected. How can i solve this problem?

Maybe it will work with the Cura program for Mac. that’s why I’m looking for a Cura profile for Mac.
What are the correct settings for this Vertex Nano? For windows and for MAC.

Can’t you export the settings in repetier on windows and import them in MAC
If you go the Configuration in the slicer tab you should find export and import buttons

I’ve got quite the same issue here but on linux - I’ve exported and imported the settings for the printer and the filament but
curaengine always puts the sliced object outside the printers printbed in the preview after slicing - the center of the sliced object is always exactly on position 0/0/0 (the front left edge - how am I supposed to fix this?

I cant figure out any setting in any dialog accessible