Problems with the digital output of the VM140 board

hello all,

i have problems by using the digital output (open collector) of the VM140.

I want to set it up, that i get a signal from 0 to 5 V or 5 V to 0 V.

With a regular signal generator (TOE 8733 Power Supply, TOELLNER) it works as expected, but if i use this one:

Power Supply, Primary Switch Mode, Narrow Design
MINI-PS-100-240AC/5DC/3 (Phönix Contact)

i got some very interesting things to see, if i have a look what kind of signals i create.

Unfortunately i can not send some attachment here, so if anybody of the R&D can help, write your email address into this forum, so i can send you some more information.

Thanks for any help.


[quote]Unfortunately i can not send some attachment here[/quote]Sorry, you cannot upload pictures etc., you will need to post these on a free (picture) website and post the link up here.

This item has been answered by mail, today.