Problems with second extruder(K4802)

Hello there,

This week i bought the K4802, and mounted it with no problem.
But there is a problem with the heater, on the first time we started the printer and weren’t paying attention the second nozzle got so hot it melted the hotend isolater guide.
This was after we tried heating it what just didn’t happen. The temperature stayed at room temperature wich was around 23 celsius.
We went back to the reseller and he didn’t understand what could have happened, neither did we. The hotend isolater guide was melted so badly it went liquid and we didn’t even notice it, no smell or sound.
He got us a new hotend isolator guide very quick and we just fitted it again, now nothing happens, still no heating from the heater it just stays at 23 degree celsius but no melting either.

Sorry for the bad explanation but i hope someone can help me with this problem.
I did change the software!

It’s well stated in the instructions that you have to disconnect the heaters for the first startup to avoid “a heating nozzle going rogue”. It’s probably what you experienced.