Problems with my PCSGU250

Hi everybody. Hola a todos

I have a ‘oscilloscope and function generator PCSGU250’ but I have some problem about it.
When I use the ‘transient Recorder’, the PcLab2000LT stops to work, so I need to close it for use it again. When a use the oscilloscope and chose the ‘Autoset’ option, the PcLab2000LT stops to works too.
Sometime, when a I want to measure a signal (for example a rectangular wave about 5KHz), this don’t appears on screen and when I get to see it, the oscilloscope doesn’t responds when the signal changes. In resume, it is like the oscilloscope behave very slow.
I have problems with the comunication between the PSCGU250 and my labtop too. Whe I have this problem, I disconnect the USB until the problem disappears.

I have a labtop Lenovo G480 with Window 7.

Can somebody help me please?

Thank in advanced. Gracias de antemano.

I forgot!!! when I use the function generator, It doesn’t give me the Vpp screen configured, ever I get a voltage minor than 1 volt.

Have you downloaded and installed the latest software (version 1.12) and the latest driver (version for the PCSGU250 from this downloads page?: … U250&type=
If not, please download and extract the package: “Drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7. (Can also be used for Windows XP)”.

Here you can download the instructions how to update the existing driver in Windows 7:

Here you can download the instructions how to install the driver in Windows 7:

Download, extract and install also the “Software”.

Thank you!!! the problem was with the driver update. now everything is right .