Problems with higher prints

I tried multiple times to print a vase with a height of 20 cm. The first few houres it prints perfectly. At a height of about 14 cm it goes completely wrong. The head crashes into the print and detaches from the magnets. I tried to lubricate the steel rods and it seems to run smooth when I try to push it by hand. The printer is perfectly level and I calibrate the whole printer before I try to print this object. The second time I tried to print the vase, it went again wrong but now at a height of 10 cm. Am I doing something wrong, please let me know?

I am only fellow user like yourself but the fixes I know for this go something like this:

  1. Check your belt tension is a taut as you can get it - the most difficult thing to do with this printer - see manual
  2. Get the lubrication right: the steel rods need just two drops of the machine oil each - too much or too little = problems - clean with acetone or propan-2-ol and then put one drop at about third and one at two thirds height.
  3. Lubricate the magnets with PTFE lubricant - but keep the lube away from the build surface or it will ruin buildtak
  4. Make sure all vertical screws are tight but allow a very tiny amount of give in the tops of the steel rods (about quarter turn on the screw).
    Build from SD not USB - comms can sometimes be a problem on the K8800
  5. Try different slicer - sometimes the software is at fault
  6. Try updated firmware - Marlin 2.0.x is recommended by many users, it fixes many many issues, but you must build it yourself from here:

Trial and error I am afraid.

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