Problems with calibration and motor

Hi guys,

I just finished assembling my K8400. I’m sure i done everything right and there weren’t noticeable problems while the working.

I finished, uploaded the firmware and wanted to start with the calibrating. When I did the “Auto Home” command, the print head moved, in my mind very smooth, at the under-right-corner.
The head did stop immediately in the corner. he tried to move further and the motor did start stocking. Then i moved the Z-Layer to the 1mm distance and started to calibrate to .35mm.

Then i want to move the x-axis from 200 to 0. I started the command an the print-head started to move. but the motors aren’t work that smooth as they done it with the auto-home command. so the print-head is sometime a bit over of the half of the bed and sometime the print-head isn’t at least in the half.

I have uploaded a video to show this. First you see the movement with the auto-home afterwards you can see the acting while moving the x-axis

Please give my some tips

Kind regards,

Check the Wiki [color=#408040]here[/color].