Problems changing the administration password VM201

Hello can anyone tell me what i’m doing wrong? If I change the administration password of the VM201 relaycard and I login again then the VM201 don’t accept the new username and password! I have to reset the VM201 to regain access to the VM201.


Are you logging into it using admin as the userid?
I’m not sure but I think the password is case sensitive, something to check.

Under Authentication you can fill in a username and password. I made up a username and password but when i login again the VM201 don’t accept the given username and password! The password is case sensitive indeed, but I do not use capital letters.
Also Admin / admin as username does not work. I would still like to apply a password to the VM201 to make it more secure.


I just tried it.
What I have found is both userid and password are case sensitive
So if you make the userid Admin… admin will not work
Also try to keep the userid and password under 8 charters

If you do not remember your username and password combination, you will need to reset the VM201 to factory defaults. Your username and or password may have a different case than you remember or it might have accidentally been prefixed/suffixed by a space character. Those are the only two errors I can think of right now, azerty/querty is probably not an issue here.

VM201 User Manual

good evening

I can not access the VM201 because I do not remember the password,
I tried to press the button (10) reset but remains in the memory
old password, wondering how to reset the VM201 conditions

Alessandro Lilli


I found this in the manual.

  1. Remove power from the VM201
  2. Press and hold “Clock / Network Settings”
  3. Power the VM201 back up and hold the button until a message on the LCD screen appears.

I got exactly the same problem. After I changed admin PW, no way to acces tje VM201 and NO WAY to reset to factory defaults.

What … shall I do??

Please find a YouTube video of the entire procedure

The steps are listed in the movie’s description.

Let us know if this solves your problems.