Problem with Z-AXIS

Hi all, I have build my K8200, all seems to work, but two problems are still there with the Z-Axis. For better explanation, I have made some pictures.

First problem is, that the table of the Z-Axis collidate with the microswitch if the table comes down. This is only a part of a millimeter. I have tried to solve it with a longer spacer between switch and frame, but I need a bigger one. This problem can be solved by myself, but perhaps there is a better solution.

Second and bigger problem is here:

The Z-Axis seems to be bowed, but not the rod itself, but the part connecting the motor and the rod:

This is so heavy, that the motor is moving back and forward after the rod is fixed. The needed power to move the motor is to heavy, so it doesn’t work smoothly. If I unfix the rod, it moves smoothly, but the rod is moving back and forwards.

I think the only solution is a new connection between motor and rod. Any ideas?



The rod/motor mount is not drilled straight and that make the Z axis wobble.
Request an replacement joint or change it to something else there is a few solutions that uses flex joints, this combined with a printed more sturdy motor/chassis mount seems to be the mostly used.

You can try to mount the rod/motor joint high up on the motor it can be enough to make it wobble much less and then print something like this
That one uses bolts on opposite sides making it easy to align, it’s the one i use and have managed to get no visible wobble.

Look around in the forums there is a few Z endstop modifications also. I moved my Z down a few mm so that the screw head is just under.

Sorry to read you experience problems:

  1. Make sure screw comes 2-3mm lower to avoid that the plate touches the microswitch.
  2. If the coupler is not 100% OK, please drop us a line @ supportatvellemandotbe and we’ll mail you a replacement.


thank you for the quick replies. I will send you an email for a new coupler the next few minutes. Thanks a lot! To print a replacement will not work, because the motor is not strong enough to handle this mistake.