Problem with Y-Axis

The Y-Axis is sized, and the Tracks are dripping from Oil.
Is was wondering about the sized Y-Axis, there was enought Oil. But the Hotend Holder is hard to move.
I disassembled the Y-Axis, and messured the width of the Tracks an the Hotend Holder. The Hotend Holder is 0.15 mm smaler than the Tracks. Now it’s no wonder wy the Y-Axis is hard to move.
My planed Solution is to grind a little bit Material from the Y-Axis Holder to get the Tracks smaler, i hope it works.
I Assembled the Printer 2 Days ago. It’s brandnew.

Before you start grinding on the machine look in think link.

Are you shore that you are from Velleman Support?
Do you know about the K8600?
There is no alignment of any carriage possible. The Tracks have fix installation Points. The same is for the Bushings of all Holders.
My Solution was to mill a cut of nearly 4mm in the single Bushing from the Hotend Holder. Now it move freely and the Prints are Ok.

I apologize I thought you had the K8400