Problem with vm151

I’ve connected some LED’s in series with a resistor on the RGB circuits and am able to control them with the remote changing speed and effect. The problem is that sometimes I can’'t get the LED’s to go out and to stay out by pushing the two buttons together on the remote. Sometimes they do go out and then they come on a few seconds later of their own accord ?.

Any ideas ?

Either there is a 433MHz transmitter in your area which emits similar code (likely) or you get small interruptions from your power supply (less likely).
Try changing the remote control address (see manual for how-to instructions).

Thanks.I changed the power supply already as I was concerned with the one I had. So it could well be the 433MHz. I followed the manual to change the code and got the LED to flash three times indicating the 32 bit code is stored. Now however the remote won’t operate the unit at all. I return back to default code and it starts to function again but now I am vulnerable to something else emitting the similar code.

You need to learn the new code to the vm151 by pressing both buttons.

Once it has flashed 3 times which buttons do I press to learn the V151 the code. I can’t get it to operate at all unless I go back to default code.


Pretend you are turning it off, press BOTH buttons at the same time.

I really aprecaite your help and I am pressing both buttons after the 3 led flashes but the unit doesn’t seem to want to learn the new code. I have to return to default to get it to work. I’ll keep trying but it doesn’t seem to teach the unit the new code.

So if I understand well:

You open the remote, press and hold the upper left button and press the ‘prog’ button 3 times.
The led flashes 3 times.
Next you close the remote and press and hold both buttons and nothing happens ?
That is very strange.
Did you try turning off and on the VM151 supply, so that it is turned on while you are trying to learn the new code ?