Problem with VM110N


i have a problem with the VM110N card.

I haven’t connect with the demo program.

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When you unplug and then plug the USB cable, does the LED LD8 on the VM110N board stay on or off after the flashes?
This LED LD8 should flash three times and then stay off.

If OK, then in the K8055N_Demo.exe press the button “Search Devices”.
This should connect the card and you can control its operation.


the LED8 ist 2 times blinking and then is the LED on.

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[quote]the LED8 ist 2 times blinking and then is the LED on.[/quote]This indicates that the USB enumeration process fails and the PC doesn’t detect the VM110N card.
You may try other USB slot of your PC.
Can you test the card in other PC?
If the problem persists you can return the card for check/repair.

Windows detect the card.
Windows say it hasn’t the right software.

I think i need a driver for the card.

What operating system are you using?

Normally the driver is included with the operating system.

I use Windows 7.

The driver is included in Windows 7.

Dear Support team,
We have a Samsung phone charger tester what is equipped with Vellman VM110N panel.
We are nearly sure that the PIC has been died.
We have the same problem as the customer above the LED8 is 2 times blinking and then the LED is on.
This issue become after a bad charger test.
My question is, if we buy a new panel VM110N, can we use it or each kind of usage have a special software on the PIC?
Thank you,

Yes, you can use the new one too.

Thank you for your fast answer.
I’ll order a new one.
Have a nice day!