Problem with Velleman MK172 Soundstar kit

My daughter and I recently assembled the MK172 Soundstar kit. Had a few problems with couple of the copper solder circles on the PC lifting up, but was able to trace the circuit and make connections with wires. All LEDs light up continuously with no blinking at all. Tried both 9V battery and DC power source, both with same results. Need help.

I have downloaded the schematic diagram and used meter to trace through circuit and all the connections match the diagram exactly. Solder joints look good with no bridging. I read couple of other posts on similar topic. How should I proceed to troubleshoot this problem?

I think first of all on a short circuit on a solder joint, arround the mike, the transistior circuit part.

Thanks for the feedback. I checked the voltage across the mic. With 9V battery, I read voltage of a little less than 7.5 V across the mic, so no short circuit there. It would be good if I knew the expected voltages between various points for each of T1 through T5 parts of the circuit. I suppose that could help to pinpoint a problem.