Problem with the EDU09

I did send the failing EDU09 to you guys in late January.

Shipping no: RR643225064SE
Delivered to you guys at 2016-02-29 kl 08:48

I haven’t Heard a thing from you guys since then? I followed your support/warranty instructions.

Best regards,
Mattias, Sweden

Dear sir,

Your EDU09 kit was repaired on 15/3 and send to you by post on 21/3/2016.
So normally, it must be already arrived…
It was send by regular post without tracking. If it’s not arrived we will check what we can do.

best regards,

I haven’t got anything from you guys. I wouldn’t even post this initial message if it had arrived.

Do you have any report on what the problem was with the unit I sent you guys? Was it something I’ve done wrong or was it bad soldering or was it broken components?

Since then I bought a Rigol 100MHz oscilloscope, so I actually don’t need the EDU09… If you find any problems with the shipment, lost or something. You could replace it with the oscillator or something fun. You have that Oscilloscope Learning kit…

So, do you have any report on what was wrong on the board?