Problem with small details


Since 3 daysigot my K8400 up and running.
It really prints nice with the default settings, but i have 2 problems.
I’m printing Velleman White ABS 1,75 mm.
Problem 1: on the corners the ABS warps a little bit up
Problem 2: When the rinter needs to extract small amounts of fillament after one layer the nozzle get’s clogged. When i restart it with a printjob the filament startscomming out again after several seconds with a little help.

I already tried disabling the cooling with no luck.
I’m using CuraEngine and printing with 245degr Celcius. Extruding on 90%. Filling on 40%.

This is what i’m printing:


Here it stops adding filament

Default values are too high.
For ABS 225° is enough. Lower the flowrate to 75%.
Lower the retraction to 3 mm with a retraction speed of 150mm/sec

You can’t avoid this when printing big pieces without a heated bed.
Don’t disable the cooling (or you could melt down the print head) but lower it to 30%.