Problem with K8061

I have the Extendended USB interface card K8061 a long time and it works fine. But now I have this problem:
The Card doesn’t work and the LED “Power On” is not on. The Voltage Regulator VR1 is very hot. I did a resitor-messures at the VR1 and get a result of 2,6Ohm between 5V and GND. If I realease the IC6 VK8061CPU, there will be 1MOhm between 5V and GND.
I think the IC6 VK8061CPU is defect. Is it possible? Where can I buy a new one?

It seems the microcontroller IC6 is defective.
Is the regulator VR1 output voltage +5V OK when you removed the IC6 ?

To get replacement IC please see: … rantykits/

When I remove the IC6, the output voltage of VR1 is 5V.

The voltage regulator VR1 seems to be OK.
Only the microcontroller IC6 has damaged for some reason.