Problem with first layer above honeycomb infill

I have a problem with the first layer above the honeycomb infill. The part consists of 3 solid layers, 10 honeycomb infill layers, and what you see in the picture is the first solid layer above the infill. Some of the small bumps are about 1mm high, so that the second layer fails. Material is white PLA. What can I do to solve this problem? Will it help to increase the infill density from 25% to 50%?

Setting infill to 50% did indeed solve the problem (but takes much longer to print).

sometimes layer failure can be caused by a extrusion temperature that is too high, because of this the plastic is too soft and flows into the infill before it hardens.

maybe its worth a shot too tinker with the temperature a bit.
for a little reference i am printing PLA at 200 c with 20% infill also honeycomb, but bare in mind that every PLA filament is different and settings may have to be changed to fit a specific brand and/or color.

please let me (and the forum) know if and when you found a solution your satisfied with.

For PLA I print 25% infill and 190C temp with the fan running.