Problem with arduino motor shield!

I had a problem with an arduino motor shield.
I connected the Arduino with an external power supply (30V 2.5A) on pwr of the arduino and after 15 minutes it stopped working. on the characteristics in the motor shield there is written:2Power from external supply(max.50VDC/6A)
Do you know why it stopped working?
thank you

Sorry, we’re sure you’ll understand that this information does not allow us to locate the cause of troubles.
If you wish , you can return the board for inspection/repair.

I connected an Agilent technologies (System DC Power Supply) with a voltage of about 25V and a current of about 2.5 A in a special hall Arduino Motor shield.
The motor shield was connected to a stepper motor bipolar (M1233032).
Initially it worked, after 15 minutes it stopped.
Probably burned L298P of the motor shield.
I would like to know if the Arduino Motor shield is still under warranty.
Thank you

Sorry, a burned IC is a consequence of an overload, so we’re afraid this will not be a warranty case.
Do not worry, the IC is quite cheap and commonly available from parts distributors and it is easy to replace it.


I had also same problem in my arduino project. Then i prefer arduino motor shield. After using this i got best solution. You also try this. Thanks.