Problem Soldering Iron

Hello, I’ve got a VTSSC40N but the tip of the soldering iron does not melt the tin. However, a bit above it (the white part of the iron, see picture below) does melt the tin. Even on 450*C it doesn’t melt on the tip. Is this normal? I’ve also checked for any dust or rubbish inside, but it all seems clean. I’ve got this problem since the beginning of the iron. Thank you all in advance.



Normally the soldering tin should be melt on tip, in normal way or good condition of tip.

Because the soldering temperature was set to 450 ° C, it is too high for the soldering tip (soldering), and it greatly shortens the lifetime of the soldering tip / soldering iron. A temperature of 450° or higher, is only used for very short time of soldering. generally less then one minute.

You can try to clean the tip with this VTSTC, see steps below and note:

Maybe this can help to solve Your problem. If this not help, You can also replace the soldering tip.

Step 1: Prepping your soldering iron

Prepping the tip of your soldering iron will improve conductivity and will make soldering easier. Here’s how you do it;

A. Turn on your soldering iron and heat it to 330-350°C or 626-655°F.

B. Simply add soldering tin to the tip of your soldering iron until a blob of tin is formed around it.

C. Remove the blob by rubbing the tip against the brass sponge (VTSTC).

D. Repeat this for about 10 times. Afterward, a thin and nearly invisible layer of solder will be formed over your soldering tip (tin plated).


The correct operation solder temperature for lead based solder is 280°C - 360°C
For Lead free (RoHs) solder is the temperature a bit higher: 360°C - 420°C.

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Dear Vel450,

Thank you very much for the response, I have ordered a new tip and cleaner VTSTC. I will try the methods once it arrives, but do you have a video demostrating the cleaning/prepping with the VTSTC?


We don’t have a video of it,
Only in text form: comes from here:

On Google You’ll find some video’s of it.

As the text say:

I your situation: Turn on soldering iron to 330-350°C.
Then rubbing few times the tip against the brass sponge VTSTC.
Then add some tin to the tip, until a blob of thin is formed around the tip
repeat these steps for about 10 times.

Tinning the soldering iron tip will let the solder flow more easily while you’re soldering and help your tip to last longer, preventing oxidisation.

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Dear Vel450,

Alright, I will let you know once everything has arrived. Thanks.

ordered the wrong item, ill keep posted