Problem running compiled Delphi Project


I’m using Delphi XE2 with Windows 7 and with the P8061-2 board. It works with the precompiled demo, but if I compile the demo with my own Delphi program it doesn’t start. It is compiled and when I try to start the compiled executable, I get this message:

it means that it can’t start the application correctly and you need to click ‘Ok’ to close it.

I use the latest driver.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance!

Have you compiled it to 32 bit?
If 64 bit, it doesn’t work.

I double checked, but I do. I don’t understand. Hope you can help!

Target platform of your project needs to be 32-bit Windows … t_Platform

It is. See my screenshot:

Simply put, what we are trying to get you to do is not mix 32-bit and 64-bit.

So either everything must be 32-bit, or everything must be 64-bit.

If you downloaded a 64-bit driver and dll from our website, then you need to compile as 64-bit. If you use the 32-bit driver and dll, then you need to compile as 32-bit.

Perhaps VEL255 can give you step by step instructions

Off course, I’m sorry, I didn’t think about the driver. I replaced it with the 32bit (old) and now it looks like it works. I will test it some more. For now, thank you very much!