Problem printing ABS filament

Hi all,

I’m a newbie in 3D printing and so the Vertex printer is my first experiment!
Although I have no comparable objects I think the results printed wit PLA material
are pretty good. See here my first project for R/C Car battery holder part:

After this print I tried to print the same object with ABS. And this ends in a total
disaster. I used a fresh genuine Velleman ABS filament in black and also used the default
temperature of 245°C. After a few layers I saw the nozzle scratching
on the surface when its moves from one edge to another. It seems the material
gets a little bit thicker after printing and the nozzle sometimes hangs on it.
Later this leads to lost stepper positions and so I decide to stop the print.
Result looks like this:

Are there some tips with which parameters I should first play?
Is in such a case the temperature too hight or to low?
Smaller objects printed with a layer thickness of 2mm looked a little bit better.

Because my PLA objects are really good I think the temp sensor should be
on the right place.

TX in advance!

If you are printing pieces with solid infill. Try the 60% infill setting as this will still be solid but it will bot overfill the object.