Problem icsp: verify error programming PIC16F877A

hi guys,
i’ve the following problem.

from many weeks, i’m trying to program a pic16f877A via ICSP with my velleman k8048 serial programmer, using winpic sw

those are the cable connections:

programmer: PIC:

2 VDD 11 + 32 VDD
3 GND 12 + 31 VSS
36 RB3 —> a GND via 1 K restistor

i’ve tried to put a 100nf capacitor between vdd e vss, and two 1nF capacitors respectively between PGD and GND and between PGC and GND

i verified voltage … there are 5v between vdd and gnd and 12v between tra MCLR e GND when i start programming

my icsp cable lenght is about 5 cm…

there is nothing to do… , in practice when winpic try to verify,after writing, he find several verification errors, like this:

Verify Error: 000000: read 003FFF, wanted 003000.

as far as i can understand , it seems that it’s not possible to write pic

can someone help me? it’s very important for me… and i’m loosing the hopes…
thankyou in advance

I have the same problem, please see my posts in K8048 Programming 16F877A via ISCP

Unfortunately I had no luck in solving this problem I tried the WINPIC software and many tests involving adding capacitors and resistors, shortening leads, and even built a breadboard with only the 16f877a and programming interface. I am wondering if the K8048 is capable of programming this chip. 

My advice to you is to buy a pickit2. This for me works first time.
Sorry this is not a solution for you.

I have the same problem but i always get this error