Problem during calibration K8800

I’ve assembled the K8800 following the differents steps of the user manual.
I’m new in 3D printing, and I’ve a problem now with the calibration process, as you can see in the 2 attached videos :

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help.


Unfortunaley your links aren’t working,

Strange it’s working for me …
Even if you copy/paste ?


Seems like our proxy is blocking your link.

Anyway i’ve watched one video.
Is the glass plate lose? Is it a tight fit? It should be lose.

No the glass is ok even the’re is small holes on the surface coating.
In the other video, you can see the suspension bar fall during the calibration.

I can send you the video via mail if you want

It looks like the buildtak is hanging on one of the pegs.
You should correct that.
The videos look like they start in the middle of an operation.
If might help if you start the video at the beginning of the operation.
This is just a guess but are the end stops clean.
Try taking a soft cloth and clean them.

Can you also say what operation you are trying to do as well.


Thanks for your reply.
The operation is the calibration.
The “height calibration” process is well.

But during the “auto calibration” process, the print head is typing the glass like a jackhammer during few seconds.And after that, few seconds later, one of the handle comes off.

Have you cleaned the end stops?
Did you fix the buildtak?
You may need to adjust the calibration sensitivity in this link.

I’ve checked this point, and redo calibration.
This time everithing was ok.
I’ve save the calibration, and start printing the demo logo.

And here’s what the printer doing :

When the printer starts does it heat the nozzle to 130C then calibrate (touching the bed with the nozzle) then go to the back of the bed heat up the the rest of the way and then start printing?
Did you download the software from this link (Windows)?

I also noticed in the video the fans were not running.
This is the job of the slicer to turn them on.

Yes when the printer starts, it does heat the nozzle to 130°C and then calibrate.
The fan are also turning.

But just after calibrate, when the print start, it does heat the nozzle to 200°C and the fans stop

After the calibration does it heat the rest of the way to 200c while resting on the bed and then lift to the height that it is trying to print at?
I guess what I am asking is what position does it go to after the calibration?

Yes it heat the rest of the way to 200°C.
The height of printing is about 4 cm.

Once again just a guess.
It looks like you may not have done the calibration for the height.
Then the auto calibration.

I did it again, for at least the 15 times, and always the same problem …

Any support please ?

Ok just wondering.
When you go through the calibration is it touching the bed?
I wonder if you got the calibration sensitivity to sensitive.
Maybe reload the firmware.
You can also download the gcode to the keychain to see if it is a slicing problem

Yes !!
It was a problem of sensitivity.
I’ve tried differents setting, and now I’ve launched my first 3D printing.
Thanks Wrong_Way for your help.