Printing the gyro cube

As the Velleman video shows the K8200 printing the gyro cube, I thought I would have a go…
My first few attempts failed early on due to not sticking down properly.
I sanded the bed and changed temperatures and brim, but in the end, my main issue seemed to be having the calibrated Z=0 height too high. Lowering the head seemed to help - in fact it was difficult to remove when I was running at 60C bed temp, so I’ve gone back to 50C.
The next attempt failed with a blob falling off the print head - note to self : make sure print head is cleaned after failed rats nests :wink:
It looked like it was printing, so I left it over night only to find it failed about 3cm up, so the rest was a rats nest… I really wish something like Filabot was available, so I could recycle all these failed attempts…
On examining I could see the occasional slight dislocation of a layer. This wasn’t the big dislocation I initially had, which I think was X belt being too loose, but more symptomatic of a stepper miss, so I increased my driver voltages to 0.65V and tried again.
It almost worked :wink:
The two broken sections were caused by the head hitting the part (both on the same bottom left side) hard enough to snap them off. No idea what caused this… slight difference in cooling perhaps?
However I left it running and after 13.75 hours I got what you see in the photo.

Lots of trimming required and only the inner cube moves.
Anyone got any suggestions on trimming prints and freeing them without pressing, as the shell cracks easily?

Are you using the new software as described here:
You should get better results.

Yes I am and this is what is shown in the photo.
Have you actually tried printing the gyro cube with these changes?

Every printer is not exactly the same, also the thickness in PLA can be a factor.

You can experiment with the retract feature settings to eliminate the stringing.

You can also set the infill setting in such a way it will print all solid layers this will improve the strength of the walls.

Can you link the STL file please?

It’s in the K8200 video that Velleman use to show off the printer together with the Thingverse link, but here it is again:

I finde some tips for Printing the gyro cube … 3dprinter/

Can I ask you about the infill settings you had when you printed this gyro cube?
When i tried to print it, the printer first started with the outer cube and build it upways about 4-5 mm and after, it jumped in to start with the next cube inside the outer cube. The problem was the printer didn’t go down in Z direction so it printed i the air so to speak.

[quote=“VEL327”]Are you using the new software as described here:
You should get better results.[/quote]


Just wanted to say thanks, it solved my ‘gyro cube’ slicing issue. With Repetier 0.84 the printing of inner layers start from layer 9, when they’ve should be printed from the first layer.

I still can’t get the K8200 to print the Gyro Cube

The print (4h 54min) starts fine, but gets spoiled after about 25-30% is printed. Here is the result of last printing attempt (size 0.75 of the object):

When earlier tried in full size (10cm, 11h 24min), the print had same issue and made a web for few hours (before I woke up and killed the job):

I’ve tried with two computers (Win 8.1 Desktop; 2,2GHz Quad-Core with ATI Radeon R7 200 (2GB) and 4GB RAM, Win 7 SP1 Laptop; 2,2GHz Dual-Core with ATI M Radeon HD 4250 and 2GB ram) with same results. Don’t think that the printing issue relates to my computers, but tested both just in case.

Each motor voltage is 4,25 as in instructions (checked several times). Print sticks to the bed ok. The print quality is good and the K8200 cover printed just fine (Repetier 0.84):

I went through the sliced code layer-by-layer and could not find anything wrong with it. So the Gyro Cube should print just fine. I’ve upgraded the K8200 with the fan nozzle and z-flex coupler:

Here is the full package with screenshots, stl, g-code and ini files:

Printing quality is good, but I want it to do as told =)

Thanks for the help!

Br: Mikael