Printing problem

Hello everybody,

I have some problems while printing and i need your help.

It’s my first Printer and i try to print just a ring to test the printer and adjust it correctly. … sp=sharing

And this is the result.

I used a feeler to adjust the bed
I used white PLA for this print and the temp of the bed at 55 and the extruder at 195
Feedrate 70
Flowrate 100

The item sliced with Cura

I can imagine that the problem is with the feed of the PLA but i want your advice to solve it.

Thanks a lot


I think that your filament is not extruded well.

1- While printing check your extrusion motor and the matched big gear. They may not rotate continously.
2- Also check the feeded filament. Put a sign on the filament and check it if it is moving while the motor is rotating.

Also, how about the distance between nozzle tip and the heated bed? Did you calibrated well to 0.25mm?