Printing PLA on mirror/glass configuration

Like many of you I started printing PLA on a mirror and print quality has very much improved. Flat surface, easier to calibrate Z-axis, objects stick much better to the mirror. One thing I observed is that you need to turn the fan off especially when using an additional fan duct. For small objects a fan is necessary otherwise the object deforms. The airflow that hits the mirror results in the object detaching. Result is better without the fan duct using the bare fan only but still not ideal. The only different settings I’m using compared to the standard PLA ini file is turning off the fan and bed temperature set at 55 degrees Celcius. I assume that the airflow should be horizontal to only hit the top layer(s). Maybe also a reduction of airflow! Has anybody done extensive testing with the mirror/fan/fan duct combination? What is the best solution? What would need to be changed in the K8200-PLA-STANDARD_NEW.INI file? What fan duct is best to use?


Your help is much appreciated.