Printing PETG with K8203

Hello everyone.

Got recently a uses K8203 froom a friend and I’ve been printing with Pla.

I want now to start use petg, but I dont know if the printer supports it, and if so, the settings to do it. Anybody have done it?


Hello Tmgomes

The K8203 is an update for the K8200 printer using the same hotend as the Vertex K8400 printer :

Searching for “K8400 PETG” get me this post :

So printing PETG seem realy not as simple and safe than printing PLA …

Be safe i mean in the hotend there is a “PTFE TUBE in the ISOLATOR GUIDE”

The standard PETG printing temperature are 210-260 ºC with 60-80 ºC for the bed.

But PTFE begins to degrade above 250°C producing bad flourocarbons vapor( worse if it burn…).

So if you print PETG above 250°C you will have to replace the PTFE TUBE often and a very good ventilation of your room !
and the bed 60°C temps. will be long to achive…

If you find more information or try it, i would be intrested to know the details and result.

Good continuation