Printing Nylon filament


i would like to know if it is possible, of become possible to print also Nylon filaments with the K8400?
i’m printing parts for arowing, and in LPA and ABS the parts are to hard, and get distroyed.
the original parts are made from nylon and cnc milled.


I recently bought a spool of Taulman 618 nylon filament, specifically because I’m led to believe it’s the best filament for cold-pulling partial clogs in the extruder. However, when playing around with it, I find that it extrudes very nicely at PLA temperatures, even seeming to be a bit “creamier” coming out the nozzle, if that’s any help visualizing. Makes me very curious to print something just to see what it would be like. But mechanically/technically, I have no doubt the Vertex could do it.