Printing lines issue


Since updating repieter host I have this issue:
The lines are too far apart from each other and almost don’t touch.


Anybody knows how to fix this?


Check if the first layer height is correctly set.


Yes, It’s set at 0,20mm hight, The hight is not the problem
I get a print that falls apart easily because the lines next to each other are not connected.


When you start your next print while it is printing the skirt try adjusting the Z axis down a little.
If this works it means you need to adjust the endstop for the Z axis so it is a little closer to the bed.

I did that already, But than the problem occurred on the second layer, and the next one, and the one after that.
Maybe the Z axis makes too big steps up? Where can I change that?
The Z axis moves really slow though.


Check the Z axis.
Make sure it’s not binding.
Check the screws on the motor and coupler make sure they are tight.
The nut at the top make sure it’s not to tight.

The Z axis is not the problem, Even in Repetier host it shows like 2mm of spacing between lines.
The sides of the print looks fine. But the lines on the top and bottom do not touch.

I think its an software problem. I got this problem with the new update of repetier host, Before that there was no problem.
It looks like the software thinks the nozzle is 2mm thick or something.


You should check the nozzle size in the slicer configuration or load the 095F from this link.