Printing large object 200mm diameter

which settings are required if I want to print a large object which has exactly 200mm diameter?
Is it sufficient to set the number of skirt loops to zero, or are some other settings required?

I regularly print 190mm dia. I keep loops but set 1mm gap. The size of the heated bed is 205mm. The overall size is 215mm I print on glass (picture glass 2mm thick) I’m thinking or trying larger and will get a 215 square glass to try.

In Repetier printer settings/printer shape can set X and Y max and print area width and depth. Tried setting to 215. Accepted OK and a 190dia object sliced with more space to spare around it. If you try printing let me know how you get on.

I did set the number of skirt loops to zero and it did work.

I had a 200mm object that would not slice because Repetier thought it was too large. Scaling it to 99.99% made it fit within the “legal” print envelope to allow slicing. I also had to move the skirt to 1mm offset.

Just set dimensions in Repetier to 215mm and print object to 205mm - Sliced OK

Will try printing when got 215 square glass plate. Will I have to change setting in Sli3r configuration?