Printing just stops part way through job


Anyone had this problem? Basically, my printer just stops partway through a job for no known reason. I built the printer, then printed the fan nozzle as test. Nozzle turned out exactly as expected which was both fascinating to watch and a useful print too. I thought I would print the K8200 pcb case. This set off as expected but around 30 layers in, the printer just stopped. No message on the log, no brownout reset, nothing. I printed off a couple of small pieces that I designed in CAD. Printed exactly as normal. Printed off second nozzle and again, printed off exactly as expected. Tried version 2 of the K8200 case. This time watched it carefully, watched temperature closely, listened for noises, touched motors periodically for any unusual heat. Nothing out of the ordinary, temp stayed constant fluctuating a couple of degrees. Then layer 28, it stopped. I figured it was a glitch in GCODE.

Later, I upgraded the Z axis, printed off another Nozzle, you guessed it; exactly as expected. I designed an enclosure for a PCB myself. It was reasonably big rectangle; 135mm x 85mm x 12mm with a large hole in the middle. It had about 40 layers. After layer 28, the printer just paused without warning. Almost exactly the same height as it got to with both K8200 PCB covers.

I have absolutely no clue as to what is going on!

Anyone else?


Is the power supply getting extremely hot?
Did you check the voltage at the blue connector after it stopped?
Should be 15 volts.
Do you have a different computer to try it on?

Hi Wrong Way,

Will try these this weekend and get some figures. My K8200 is fitted with LED ring and it remains on after the printer stops. Also, the PCB card still has lights on it too. Because of this, never thought to check this.

I do have a PC running on Windows 8. Originally started with this (MAc belongs to my wife) but I kept getting the message that access to the USB port was denied. Couldn’t resolve issue so ‘borrowed’ MAC where it ‘worked’ first time…


The LED ring will stay on as long as the power supply is on.
The reason I ask about the power supply is it maybe dropping the voltage and resetting the printer.
Sorry I can’t help with a Mac.
Nice machines but I can’t afford the price tag.

Look for brownout reset messages or other error messages in the log.
Are there any?
The stock supply is already on it’s edge when driving the hotend and heatbed.
So the additional load of the LED ring might trigger it’s overload protection when both extruder and heatbed are on.
This will result in stopped prints, because of the short power drop.

have you update u’re printer driver HERE.?

the 15v PSU is a bit low for the need of the printer, and if you switch on or off the light or an electric device on the same electric circuit, the printer will stop.
There is a post concerning additional power supply


and also here … heated_bed