Printing ABS on PEI surface on K8400 with MK3 Heatbed

Printing on aluminum plate with attached PEI surface, holds like hell
Heatbed MK3

Yes, I too have purchased PEI sheets from Amazon and added them to my 3D prints, it’s the best there is.

I bought here
ABS Print on PEI

Bottom side prints on PEI

Why are you still using a brim? If it sticks you shouldn’t need it anymore.

I also ordered a PEI sheet like 2 weeks ago, hopefully I have it by next week :slight_smile:

Brim use only occasionally because I have a few rolls low quality filament

Print on PEI without support


Sticks the PEI surface directly to the aluminium heatbed? Works it also for PLA?

No i used 4 mm alu plate and glued PEI with Double-Sided-Adhesive-Transfer-Tape to plate
and then i put aluminum plate instead of glass on a heated bed and fixed her with buckles … SwHnFVmReg

Yes works it also for PLA