Printhead nozzle stuck to platform


When attempting to calibrate the Z-axis on the leftmost part of the platform (X000), I was unable to see which way the platform was moving (up/down) and how much, if at all, it was moving. To get a better view, I performed a Auto Home-command to get the printhead out of the way, but the platform had elevated so much that the nozzle had stuck to it. The printer made loud noises and eventually pulled itself free before I had a chance to do anything about it. Now the printhead won´t travel all the way on the X-axis but “misses” a couple of millimeters on some of the steps. When traveling on the Y-axis, the printhead moves just a tiny bit for the first one or two 10mm commands and then runs quite freely. The faulting distance varies from time to time.

Can this be fixed somehow?

First you should change the Z-axis calibration to be sure the head won’t ram again into the print bed the next time you’re performing an auto home.

Next it seems you’ll have to align your X and Y axis : check the [color=#408040]Wiki [/color]for a full procedure.