Printer stops working


Please don’t beat me up over this.

I do have a question /thought.
Just to give you a little history.
I used to work in IT awhile back.
There were some printers (a lot of lasers and some inkjets) and scanners that would have fits and cause a lot of problems at times at other times they were worked with out error.

I found out over trial and error that if they were plug into a surge protector and some power strips that’s when they had problems much like described here.

When they were plugged straight into the wall all of the problems went away.

Do think this could be the cause of the printer to stop working in the middle of the job?

I think the proplem is the unprotected USB connector/input.
In the schematic of the controller i did not find any parts to protect the input, like i had seen in other schematics.
After i had routed the powercord and the powersupply far away from the USB cable the jobs will work fine.
(And it was not posible to stop the print by turn the room light on an off like before).

To make it more stable i print with octoprint
and i had made e new powersupply with 15V for the controller and 24V for the heatbed support.
In the next weeks i will also integrate the 5V supply for the octoprint into a new case for the controller and octoprint