Printer stops regularly for a fraction of a second


While printing my printer sometimes stops regulerly for a fraction of a second en goes further… looks like he pauses and contunues agein… see a video here:

Problems occurs at the begin of this video at the end he works normal.

Anyone an idea what’s wrong? The printer is connected to my laptop with usb.


Dear FilipPeeters,

you are stating that you are printing with USB data transfer. In this case this may be an indicator for a internal buffer underrun: the printing data are not provided as fast as it would be required from the printer.

You may test this by printing the same file from an SD card. If this is running smoothly the transfer rate via the USB is the limitating factor. This can happen when you print a lot of small segments in a fast order. In this case the switch to SD-card based printing is the only solution.

Alternatively you can check if the data transfer rate of your laptop USB port is sufficient by using another computer as print server.

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Thank you for the reply, it will try it with the sd card. I never used it because I like to follow (and adjust) the print on my computer screen :slight_smile: