Printer skipping/failing layer

i haven’t seen this before but now all my prints contains at least one of these.

I’m using the included repeiter software but the gap is not always on that height

A lot of problems possible:

  • Maybe you have a problem with filament feeding.
  • Please check the temperature also. Check the real temperaure with a separte instrument near the nozzle.
  • Filament material? PLA, ABS?
  • Maybe a problem with the filament quality. Is it dry?


  1. I’l try to disassemble the extruder and reassemble it.
  2. The temperature sometimes drops to 185 instead of the targeted 190.
  3. i’m using regular PLA from addnorth.
  4. The roll is a about a week old and was sealed when i bought it. The room the printer is in is also dry.



  1. Please check that the feeding wheel not slip on the stepper spindel. (back side of the Printer) At first it happen sometimes, later more and more. I have had the same problem some times ago. In the end I have flatten one side at the spindel of the stepper motor.
  2. Please try a little bit higher temperature. At my printer I use a temperature around 200°C for PLA. You can improve the stability of the temperature by change the temperature PI-settings. I’m not sure that the auto tuning is supportet
  3. OK, but I have no experience with it.
  4. How is the humidity in your room? Did you measure it The standard moisture is still too high for some filaments. You should always keep the filament in a dry box when you don’t need it.
    I have no data what is the best humidity for storing filaments. I have most time 20% or better.

Please check at first point 1. and 2.



I’ve started a print on 200°C and it didn’t have the issue!

I’ll keep printing on 200 to as it seems to work better.