Printer no longer works

I’ve had my printer working for a while and things were working fine until today. I went through the usual connection procedure but could not get the printer to move in any axis. I do see the temperature curve respond to an increase in temperature so I assume all the connections are ok.

I powered down the PC and the printer a couple of time with no change to the problem.

I’m running Repetier V0.90 & Slic3r 0.9.10b and I’m attaching a copy of the log;

It shows the printer was stopped due to errors but I have no idea what those errors are or what to do to correct the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What was the extruder temperature at that moment (the error commonly occurs when there is a bad connection with the NTC sensor on the extruder)

you can reset the printer by sending the M999 command manually with repetier.

does your heat bed and extruder still work?
because after i updated firmware my axis motor stopped working it would only heat the bed and extruder, so i checked my firmware eerom settings under config menu in repetier, and noticed that everything was zero out, so this is the settings i input and reconnected printer now it works
hope it helps