Printer is moving object by Y axis without control

After using without any issues for a one year, I had some issues with nozzle, and need to replace.

After replacing nozzle, i have some issues with uncontrolled printing, all objects are “moved” by Y axis for a 7-8mm.

I recorded video for explaining what is exact happening:
(the print object is eifell tower, and need to have 4 dots at the base, but as you can see my printer print 10 of them, each is 7-10mm in Y axis.

Do I need to calibrate something, and what/how? Please give me advice…


It seems to be loosing steps in the Y-direction. You should check how easy you can move the nozzle around when the Vertex is powered down. You most likely need to align the X/Y rods so you can move the nozzle without problems (I had the same problem when I first assembled mine). It could also be the stepper drivers, so check the current while you are at it (I think there should be instructions on the Vertex wiki/manual somewhere).