Printer head crashes to bed or runs above bed level

Hi All,

Having issues with my K8200, I’ve recently replaced the Piezo sensors as It couldn’t calibrate looked like one sensor had failed. Replaced all three for ease. However I now have a new problem.

Have Auto Calibrated and saved the settings and also set print bed, all work perfectly fine. When I attempt to print a test print I get odd behaviour. (This is a test print used 4-6 times before these issues started)

The printer will begin to set print bed and then move to the back of the bed to load the filament and warm up, at this point things start to go wrong. In two different tests the head crashes at the back of the print bed almost as though the print bed was in the wrong location.

The second time the print begins and the head appears to impact the bed and then rise 2-3mm above and continue printing.

Its looks like something is miss aligned but I have no idea what. Any guidance or advice would be appreciated.

Links for the videos below

Thanks Andy

Hi @ABCWinter,

First this is a K8800, and I think you must look first at the tension off the belts, about K8800 bed level problems are several topics, look under my name, i wrote a lot about it.
Here from you,
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:man_facepalming: Thanks Tom hadn’t realised I’d listed in the wrong group.
Will have look at the topics and feedback.