Printer does not start printing

Hello everyone.

i’m new to the forum but a have a k8200 for some time now.
i had never any big issues with the printer.

But since a couple of days the printer won’t start printing.
the heated bed gets warm, then the printer goes to its zero point and at last the hot-end gets it designated temperature.
then usually the printer goes to work.
But not anymore.
the printer does not start, it keeps the hotend en printbed warm goes to the zeropoint, but thats it.
Does anyone have some suggestions? because i don’t know what the issue is.

thanks in advance guys and girls.

What temps do you have set for the bed and the hotend?
Since the bed and Z axis will go to position 0,0,0 it sounds like the bed is reaching the temp set for it.
The printer will not start until the hotend has reached it’s set temp.

This is just a guess.


the hot-end it set to 190 degrees C
it reaches the temperature just like its supposed too.
then the temperature fluctuates between 188 and 195 degrees.
normally then the printer starts printing. But unfortunately it does’nt

You may want to check the thermistor on the extruder.
Make sure it’s properly mounted in the hole of the heater block.

I maybe wrong but the temp needs to stay at or above what it’s set at before the printer starts.

Are you seeing anything in the log area?

Hi Wrong Way,

[quote=“Wrong Way”]I maybe wrong but the temp needs to stay at or above what it’s set at before the printer starts.
you’re right, but the time limit for this strict temperature requirement was only a few seconds, if I remember correctly. After that, the printer would stop again if the temperature is too far away from the setpoint, but there the range should be larger.


Hi guys,

I have remounted the the thermistor better.
The temperature stays above 190 now.
but still no success.

is there something I can do to extend the range?

Hi vdHeide,

what range? The one for temperature checking in the firmware?

First question would be if this is actually the problem. How does the temperature curve look like? Could you post a screenshot of it, heating up and one or two minutes at the target temperature?