Print with the PVA as support

I have buy roll of PVA for my 2 head Vertex printer. As I would like to use it as support material. I find some files which should add this to the program option. That i will be able to chose PVA for second extruder but so far nothing i try work.
I have add this to this location but no effect.
Users/…./AppData/Local/Repetier Vertex/VERTEX 3D PRINTER/filament

Any hint or tip what i can try to do?

Don’t have too much expectations with PVA. It’s too soft and usually clogs your nozzle in no time.
Anyway, to print with the 2 nozzles follow the guide in the [color=#408040]manual[/color].

This manual I know and it doesn’t solve my problem. Material I can chose for each head is ABS and PLA, but PVA has different melting point so non of them is suitable. So I would like to add PVA as a option to chose for extruder.

[quote=“Tomas_Tomanek”]So I would like to add PVA as a option to chose for extruder.[/quote]It’s quite easy. Go to the Cura Configuration, select the Filament Tab. Click the “Save as” button and key in a new name (eg “PVA 1.5 mm”). Now change the temperature/flow/cooling settings and hit the Save button. You’ll then have a new PVA option in the “Extruder x” combo box (Slicer Tab).

:slight_smile: this one work thank you
anyway all that was for nothing. because Veleman printer doesn’t support 2 different temperatures. :slight_smile:
I just find this out
So only option I see now is to tune print job directly on printer. Any experience what is best temperature for PVA? on material is written 195 - 210 when in 210 I can hear that is temperature to high. now I try 198 it stop burn but doesn’t stick to bed. Now I going to try 195. But firs I have to dismantle head because it get stuck in before head section.

You can print at least 20 degrees under the recommended temperature so try 185°.

PVA won’t stick on the Buildtak. I had warned you the Vertex doesn’t like PVA. It’s melting too quickly and is softening in the PEEK tube. Try without retraction and with very low speed.

ok I will try this one.

The reason I want to pry PVA is that I need to print presentation samples for my boss and he want them to be as much good as possible so I want to try PVA for structure that I can later wash out that structure.