Print quality assessment

Hi, I recently printed the ultimate calibration model ( and was wondering about what everyone thinks of the print quality and if there were any hints or tips on how to improve it.

Since I cannot find a standardised " this is what your prints should look under ideal calibrated status" posts I was thinking it may be helpful to have idealised pictures of prints so we can try to get our printers to work at that level of quality. We could also share tested config files for slicer.

Here is a picture of my calibration pyramid:

I have since modified my settings and hope they will produce a better result

The ripples of the vertical surfaces indicates a wobbling of the Z-axis.

On the other hand, the bridges look quite good.

I’ll try this on my printer.

The banding effect? I have wanted to get rid of that, so I need to replace the z motor housing?

That and/or your threaded rod is slightly bended.

I’ve made a stronger Z-motor holder and used a flexible coupling between the motor and the rod. And now my corners and walls are perfectly straight.

Hello i think maybe the drive pulley’s from x and y are bad.
Check that they are drilled in the middle and that they are not wobble.