Print head temperature

Hi !

I’ve already printed a lot without any issues with my K8400. Now i have a slowly growing Problem.

My printer is not able to hold the 210 degrees for the Velleman PLA filament any more. It reaches the

temperature in the beginning by it lowers over time. It goes down to nearly 180 degrees

I already checked the whole print head for loose screws or anything else but i am not able to find anything.

any idea where to search ?



What is the temp in your room?
If it to cold this maybe the problem.
Also 190C is a good temp for PLA

Just found the problem myselfs: The connector from heater 1 to the motherboard seems to have bad contact (burned contacts).

I soldered the connector directly to the motherboad and everything is working well. The print head heats up quite quickly.

Maybe this is a solution for other users with print head heat problems too …



I have had the exact same problem, and it can be relieved by periodically tightening the screws onto the heater wire connector. I didn’t learn this in time to prevent a nice black scorch dot on the side of my bright green wire connector! :slight_smile: