Print Head not moving

I got this kit - Velleman Vertex Delta 3d printer En Starter Set

I just finished all the assembly instructions. Everything is fine up until having to print. Print head is not moving at all and is just spewing filament.

Calibration went fine, I tried going through all the calibration steps again and for the most part if I just leave it the print head doesn’t move at all during re-calibration either (it just checks the autostops). If I manually move the arms around while it’s off then recalibrate home it will do the other steps as well. During calibration it moves and looks to be touching the bed at which point it basically vibrates a bit, then goes and touches the bed in other positions before returning to home.

I’m trying to print the keychain model on the included SD card, basically as a sanity check that the printing is going well and that I didn’t do anything odd with a model.

However as stated, the print head doesn’t move at all, it’s just spitting fillament.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hello @cehmke91 ,

You can try first a reset procedure.

Go to => Settings.

  1. Restore Failsafe.
  2. Initialize EEPROM
  3. Store Settings

Check again.

Best regards,
Velleman Support