Print comes up during printing

Good day, I have a question about setting or else for the next. a part of the print comes up during printing. on the photo you can see that the right side rises slowly, with the result that the extruder gets through badly. Does anyone have a tip to stop this? what can be the problem?


I print with 1.75 filement. 190 degrees, layer height 0.18mm. tips are welcome

This is a fairly common problem. It can be caused by poor adhesion of your first layer to the bed, or by uneven cooling of the printed part during the job. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent this.

  • Make sure the print bed is level. I do this by loosely pinching a sheet of paper between the bed and print nozzle, then moving the bed around to test for high spots.
  • Heat the print bed, or increase your bed temperature. I usually use a 50C bed temperature with PLA.
  • Calibrate your Z axis, and make sure your first layer is very close to the bed. You usually want the bead to be pressed flat onto the bed with a small amount of pressure. It can help to rotate the Z axis by hand while the skirt is being printed to adjust the first layer height.
  • If you haven’t upgraded your 8200 with a borosilicate glass print bed, this can help a lot. The glass helps to keeps the bed flatter, which improves leveling and heating of the bed.
  • Make sure the room is warm, and not drafty. If there is a draft cooling one side of the part, it will warp and lift like this, ruining the print. It can help to shield the printer with sheets of cardboard or foam to stop air flow.
  • Consider disabling the cooling fan. I found the fan caused more trouble than it was worth - causing the part to cool and making it harder to maintain a hot bed temperature. You can simply unplug the fan wires, or edit the printer configuration in Repetier, Cura, or even in the Marlin firmware.
  • Apply either blue painter’s tape, or hair spray to the print bed to improve adhesion.

These are most of the tips for preventing warpage or lifting. If I had to guess, you have a draft in your room that is cooling one edge of the part, so disabling your fan and shielding your printer from drafts may do the job. Definitely get the borosilicate glass plate if you don’t already have it, and make sure the bed is level.

I hope this helps!