Print Bed Size is Wrong


I placed some items on the front edge of my build plate today and things did not go well. There were a good few centimetres the printer couldn’t get to. This is really poor on Velleman’s part - they should at least configure the software correctly.

Anyway, which settings do I have to change to fix this issue? Does it affect any other edges?


From what i noticed in other threads and by experience you only have 180mm in Y axis ( announced in printer specs ) althou it shows 200mm in LCD. If you take the Y axis to it’s oposing limit ( near the front panel ), you,ll notice it stops at 20mm and you can check that it can´t go further because of the 25mm fan.

Thanks for the response. I was aware of this, but thought they would account for it. The issue also happens on the back edge though, so I’m a little confused. It would be nice if I could modify the settings in repetitive host to account for the beds actual size.



I’m not the best to answer as i’m also a newbie at this scene. But…i think you’ll have to modify the “source” of the firmware and upload it with the changes you want.

I’m just very disappointed this isn’t how it’s set by default.

[quote=“DanielDC88”]I’m just very disappointed this isn’t how it’s set by default.[/quote]Actually it is but Repetier allows you to place your object where you want without taking those settings into account.